Feel like you’re backed into a corner on a carpet decision? Did you, a family member, or a house guest just have an accident that left your carpet with a sore spot? Or, do you have faulty areas in your carpet that you just can’t ignore anymore? We are with you, damage and imperfections on your carpet can be stressful and seem catastrophic. Just know this- in most cases YOU have OPTIONS. Before you run and get quoted for brand new carpet, consider carpet repair! Below are some common sense reasons to consider REPAIR over REPLACEMENT…

1. Expense

Money talks, right? You can save big by repairing damaged carpet. Don’t be fooled by a slick salesman who gives you an in-house quote and swears to you that replacement is your only option. That damage in front of you can most likely be repaired, and at a FRACTION of the cost. And, we don’t throw the word repair around as if it’s a second-rate route to take. Carpet repair, done right, will blend right in and prolong your investment.

2. Stress

These days, no one is looking to add worries and hassle to their life. Carpet replacement involves stressing over type, pattern and color. Then you have to pick the pad. Then you buy the materials. Then you have to schedule the installation. Then you MOVE ALL YOUR FURNITURE. Then you pay the installer. Then you follow everyone around for the months following watching every crumb and drop of liquid like a crazy person. Don’t get us wrong, new carpet is incredible. But, why go through all that when a quick repair will prolong the life of your carpet?

3. Control

Control is a beautiful thing. We love to be in control of our environment, our decisions and our finances. What a terrible feeling to be backed into a corner and made to feel that you have only one way to fix your situation. Part of having control is having OPTIONS. You, at your home or business, have options when it comes to your carpet. Carpet repair gives you the control over the look and maintenance of your carpet, and also gives you the absolute control to replace carpet if and when you feel mentally and financially ready. Control. Carpet burns, tears, ripples, pet damage, water damage, exposed seams and chemical spills don’t own you or your carpet. Give us a call today, and let us put you back in control of your carpet.

If you are dead set on getting new carpet, we deliver exceptional installation at a reasonable cost. Give us a shout!

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“Roses are red, violets are blue, WHY BUY NEW WHEN A REPAIR WILL DO?”

-a very logical person